Curriculum Vitae

1940  Born in Israel
1960-1964 Hebrew University, Jerusalem. B.A. in Philosophy and Bible Studies.
1965-1967 High–school teacher.
1972 Starting as a professional photographer, specializing in portraits, stills for movies and
photojournalism for major papers in Israel and abroad.
1972 Stills for Billy Two Hats, starring Gregory Peck.
1973 Stills for The Dove, by invitation of Gregory Peck, film’s producer. Location around the world.
1975 Stills for The Sellout, starring Richard Widmark, Oliver Reed ect.
1976 Stills for The Sorcerer, starring Roy Scheider, directed by W. Friedkin.
Photographer for Jerusalem Post and Ha’aretz Israeli newspapers, freelancing
For New York Times, New York Times Magazin, London Times, Die Zeit ect.
1989 to now Photo-Essay and art photographer.


One Woman Show

1974 Youth of Israel. commissioned by the Israeli Foreign Office .traveling the world.
1979 Growing Old. Jerusalem Theatre, Jerusalem, Israel.
1980 Aliza Auerbach’s America. American Culture Center, Jerusalem, Israel.
1990 Pioneers. Ein-Harod Museum, Ein Harod, Israel.
1992 Aliya. Judescope, La Defence, Paris, France.
1992 Aliya. Ein Harod Museum, Ein Harod, Israel.
1993 Aliya. The Knesset (Israeli Parlament), Jerusalem, Israel.
1994 Pioneers & Aliya. Gallery of Photography, Warsaw, Poland.
1995 The Jewish Ethiopian Immigration. Journalist House, Budapest, Hungary.
1995 Russian and Ethiopian Immigration. New London, Connecticut, U.S.A.
1996 Life in Photography. Tel-Hai Photography Museum, Tel-Hai, Israel.
1997-1999 Mothers on Earth. Travelling exhibiton in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
1999 Mothers on Earth. International Book Fair, Jerusalem, Israel.
2000 Mothers on Earth. Hulon Theatre Gallery, Hulon, Israel.
2001 Aliya. Israeli Embassy, Washington, U.S.A.
2001 Aliya & Pioneers . Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam, Holland.
2002 Ruins. Bezalel Academy of Art Gallery. Jerusalem, Israel.
Palm Trees – an Israeli Requiem. Cove Park, Scotland
Lene. Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan, Israel.
2003 From Adis to Jerusalem. Lochamey Hagetaot Gallery.
2003 Elegy. Bet Gabriel at the Kinneret, Jordan Valley, Israel.
2003 Aliya. Center for Jewish History, New York, New York.
2004 Elegy. Ben-Gurion University Galleries, Beer Sheeba, Israel.
2004 Passages. Vision Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.
2007 The Song of the Sea. Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2008 The Song of the Sea. Kofler Art Centre, Toronto, Canada
2010 Photographs. Basis Gallery, Beit-Yanai, Israel
2010 Survivors. Centrum Judaicum. Berlin, Germany
2012 Behind the Corner. Artists House, Tel Aviv
2013 Readers. The National Library of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel.
2013 Survivors. The Knesset (House of Parliament). Jerusalem, Israel.
2014 Readers. The Public Library. Guadalajara, Mexico.

Group Shows

1973 Jerusalem City of Mankind. Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
1973 Jerusalem City of Mankind. Jewish Museum, NewYork, U.S.A.
1978 Five Photojournalists Women, Artists House, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1979 Peace with Egypt. Tel-Aviv Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1989 Children at Play. Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
1989 Opening of the Photography Pavilion at Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
1990 Fotoforum Ruzomberok , Ceskoslovensko.
1991 Masks. Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
1991 Patterns of Jewish Life in the World. Gropius House, Berlin, Germany.
1994 Our Mothers. Traveling in Edinburgh, London, Paris.
1995 Self Portrait. Traveling in Israel.
1996 Image de la Mere. The Photography Month, Paris, France
1996 China through Foreign Eyes. History Museum, Beijing, China.
1998 Kadima. Fiftieth anniversary of Israel. Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
2000 Eight Photographers. The New Gallery. Jerusalem, Israel.
2000 One Hundred Years of Photography in Israel. Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
2001 Golden Aging. The Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel.
2001 From Mirror to Memory. Mane–Katz House, Haifa, Israel.
2001 Between the Mountain and the Sea. Haifa Museums, Israel.
2002 Oh Land, My Land. .Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv.
2002 Lebanon: Twenty Years. Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2002 There Will Be a Tomorrow. Um-El-Fachem Art Gallery, Israel.
2003 Ruins. Time for Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2003 Israeli photographers. Rimonim Gallery, South Hampton New York..
2003 The Art of Aging. Hebrew Union College, New York, New York.
2004 Current Visions: Inside Israel. Andrea Meislin Gallery, N.Y.N.Y.
2004 Framed Landscape. University of Haifa Gallery, Israel.
2006 Equal and Less Equal. Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem Israel.
2006 Real Women. Comme Il Faut Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2007 The Other Sea. The Artists House, Jerusalem.
2007 Stills. The Gallery. Oranim Art Instiute. Kiryat Tivon.
2007 Jerusalem, 40 Years of Documentry Photography. The Social Gallery, Musrara, Jerusalem.
2008 To know the Fire. Florentin 45, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2008 The Song of the Beggers. Bait Avichai, Jerusalem.
2008 Mobile Multi Art. Museum for Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan, Israel.
2009 Last Summer. Photo and Video exhibiton at The Station, Tel-Aviv.
2009 Israeli and Palestinian Artists. Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia.
2013 Ethiopia – The Land of Wonders. Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2013 Man and Landscape. The Open Museum, Omer Industrial Park, Beer Sheva, Israe.l
2013 Interior Planning. Interior Office, Jerusalem.


Solo Photo Albums:

1973 What Do The Pictures Say. A children’s Book. Alim Publishing House, Israel.
1983 Stone Bird, Jerusalem Poetry Anthology, photography by Aliza Auerbach.
Shva Publishers, Israel.
1986 Jerusalem Poems by Yehuda Amichai, photography by Aliza Auerbach.
Schoken Publishers, Israel.
1986 Spy Out the Land. Keter publishing house, Israel.
1988 The Knesset (House of Parlament), Israel Museum, Israel.
1990 Pioneers. MOD Publishers, Israel.
1992 Aliya. MOD Publishers, Israel.
1992 Olim. Hebrew Edition to Aliya. MOD Publishers, Israel.
1997 Mothers on Earth. S.Fischer, Germany.
1998 Imahot-Imahut. Hebrew edition to Mothers on Earth. Steimazky Publishers, Israel.
2003 Women At Work. Keter Publishing House, Israel.
2003 Lene. Museum for Israeli Art Publisher, Ramat-Gan, Israel.
2004 Elegy. Ben-Gurion University Galleries Publishers, Beer Sheeba, Israel.
2007 The Song of the Sea. An Artist Album, Edition of 23 copies.
2008 Mothers on Earth. New Hebrew Edition. Modan Publication house, Israel.
2009 Survivors. Yad Ben Zvi Publication , Jerusalem, Israel.
2010 To be a Mother. Text Tamar Mor-Sela, Yediot Acharonot, Israel.
2011 The Exquisite Taste of Shigorensky's Figs. Hakibutz Hameuchad Publishing House,
Tel Aviv
2012 Survivors. English edition. Gefen Publishing House, Israel.
2013 Readers. The National Library of Israel.

Collective Photo Albums:

1973 Photography Year Book, Fountain Press, England.
1973 Israel at Twenty Five. Masada Press, Israel.
1974 Photography Year Book. Fountain Press, England.
1974 Jerusalem, City of Mankind. Grossman Publishers, Viking Press, New York.
1974 Stormy Years. Bible Land Publishers, Israel.
1977 Jerusalem, Most Fair of Cities. Amon Publishing House, Israel.
1977 Family of Children. Ridge Press, New York.
1977 Arabesque. VNR, Holland.
1978 Jerusalem, Schonste der Stadte.Editions Armon, Jerusalem.
1978 The Glory of Jerusalem. Jerusalem Publishing House, Israel.
1979 Family of Woman. Ridge Press, New York.
1985 The Israelis. Abrams Publishers, New York.
1991 Stork, How is Our Land. A Children’s Book. Israel Museum.
1996 Our Mothers. Stewart, Tabori and Chang, New York.
1998 Testaments of Israel. Photo Publishing Company Limited, London.
2000 Between the Mountain and the Sea. Haifa Museums
Jewish Holidays. Stewart, Tabori and Chang. New York.
2000 From Mirror ro Memory. Mane’-katz Museum, Haifa
2001 From the ends of the Earth .The Jews in the Twentieth Century by Sir Martin Gilbert.
2006 Equal and Less Equal. Museum on the Seam Publication, Jerusalem, Israel.
2009 The Beracha Foundation: Through an Israeli Lens.
2013 Ethiopia – The Land of Wonders. Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.


2007-2008 Ten Photo exhibitions in The New Gallery at Beit Gavriel in the Kinneret. .Each exhibition included three photographers representing three generations: Veterans, Middle Age generation and Young generation.

Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Tel-Aviv Museum, Israel; Ein-Harod Museum, Israel; Tel-Hai Museum, Israel;
Museum for Israeli Art, Ramt-Gan, Israel: Museum on the Seam,Jerusalem. Doron Sabag Collection, Israel. Gabi Brown Collection, Israel, private collections in U.S.A. Canada, Europe and Israel.


1989 Third prize NPCI (Nikon Photo Contest International).
1993 Second prize NPCI (Nikon Photo Contest International).
1993 Third prize UNESCO International Photo Contest. Subject: The Family.
1995 American Express prize in UNESCO International Photo Contest. Subject: Living Together.
First prize for China in Foreign Eyes, International Photo Contest.
1996 Second prize for China in Foreign Eyes, International Photo Contest.
1998 Second prize NPCI (Nikon Photo Contest International).